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      B2.Net is dedicated to serving the United States and Canada with the fastest access to the Internet, along with the best service and equipment available. With B2.NET, you can have unlimited access to the Internet for a low monthly subscription.

     B2.Net can design and implement personal and company websites that are of high-quality, imaginative and eye-catching. Also If you have already created a web site, let B2.Net host your site for a low monthly cost.
     B2.Net provides you a choice of registration methods.  You may choose between our easy registration form, an email template or a wizard to quickly register your desired Domain Name.
     After your website is up and running with its domain name and service, B2.Net can also submit your site to over 50 search engines for a low cost.

     B2.Net offers various additional Internet-related services such as E-mail Services, Paging, Faxing, Web Messaging, Web Messaging Ads, News Services, 800 Number Access, Server Co-Location,  and More!

     B2.Net also provides 24/7 Online Support to answer your questions and answers about all Internet-related needs.  B2.Net sees our customers as people who need our help and we are here to provide that service without any problems.
     You see, B2.Net is your all around Internet SERVICES provider.  We aim to please the people and help them with what they need.